What happens when the AI revolution meets the energy transition?

Generative ai changes the nature of the game

In a nutshell, “generative” ai, the sort behind Openai’s Chatgpt, has a ravenous appetite for electricity.

It has landed, virtually out of the blue, on a global energy system that is already struggling to cope with alternative sources of power demand. 

As yet it is not clear whether there will be enough clean energy to meet everyone’s needs.

A search by Chatgpt may consume ten times the electricity of googling.

International Energy Agency says that by 2026 data centres could use twice as much energy as two years ago—and as much as Japan consumes today.

Building new transmission lines is fiendishly tough.

The real crunch may occur during certain parts of the year, such as unusually hot summer days when Americans switch on their air-conditioners. 

No one knows yet how generative ai will make money. 

Schumpeter The Economist 11 April 2024


“LLM” or large language model. That’s the technology behind ChatGPT - Problem for the Grid - Elnätet


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