The Second Cold War

To understand what is at stake in the fight against the axis of China, Russia and Iran, just read “The Lord of the Rings.

The emergence of this new Axis was foreseen by Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser, as long ago as 1997. In his book The Grand Chessboard, Brzezinski wrote: Potentially, the most dangerous scenario would be a grand coalition of China, Russia, and perhaps Iran

Ferguson’s Law — states that any great power that spends more on debt service (interest payments on the national debt) than on defense will not stay great for very long. 

Tolkien’s hobbits are also isolationists, in their way. However, despite their strong preference for the quiet life, Frodo and Sam come to realize that they must fight their way to Mordor and risk their necks to destroy Sauron’s Ring of Power. 

Niall Ferguson 21 april 2024

On his flagship Sunday night state TV talk show, presenter Vladimir Solovyov described the idea of transferring Russian assets to Ukraine as "an act of financial terrorism".

"If they go through with this," Mr Solovyov said, "then on the level of the State Duma and the government, we must declare America a financial terrorist."

He added that he now believes war between Russia and Nato is "inevitable".

The US and European allies determined to use frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine – somehow


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