Europe risks dying - Macron

Mr Macron's speech was billed as the follow-up to his landmark 2017 Sorbonne speech when, not long after taking office, he first urged the European Union to move towards greater self-sufficiency in defence and the economy.

Coming just a few weeks before European elections, the speech was also being seen as a bid to reinvigorate the lacklustre campaign of his Renaissance party.

BBC 25 April 2024

He is failing to convince voters ahead of European elections

While Macron is often lauded for his analysis of Europe’s challenges, he’s also criticized for offering bold rhetoric without always delivering concrete solutions.

Earlier in the war in Ukraine, Macron also made missteps with Vladimir Putin, seeming to overestimate his influence on the Russian president as he sought to keep communication channels open, irking Kyiv.

Bloomberg 25 April 2024

Paris and Rome are discussing alternatives to von der Leyen

Draghi’s name has been raised as possible commission chief

Bloomberg 25 April 20224


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