Start Mass Testing Dairy Workers for Bird Flu

H5N1 has spread stealthily among cows. Could it also be spreading silently in humans?

Given how devastating another global pandemic would be, the US should start mass testing of dairy workers for the bird flu virus that’s spreading fast through cows. 

If necessary, either the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the US Department of Agriculture should pay people to get tested. The USDA’s recent call to test more cows isn’t going far enough.

This week, scientists announced they’d found viral fragments in milk on supermarket shelves, with an alarming 58 of 150 samples testing positive. 

Scientists initially thought that milk from infected cows was always thick and discolored, but these results show it can look deceptively normal.

Bloomberg 26 april 2024 at 15:00 CEST

Bird Flu More than 40 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa have seen outbreaks


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