Treasury secretary Yellen, 2014 -2018 Fed Chairman - rejecting Comparative advantage.

 UBS: A new wave of e-commerce could close 45,000 retail stores in USA

A decade ago, was all the worry in the retail industry 

Players like Chinese discount-shopping site Temu and Singapore-based fast-fashion giant Shein and others that don’t even have a physical presence in the U.S.

The analysts noted that stores would still be relevant for retailers — albeit for pickups and deliveries for online orders.

MarketWatch 24 April 2024

E-jättarna Tiktok, Shein och Temu skickar 108 Boeing-plan med 5,8 miljoner paket från Kina till konsumenter i väst. Varje dag.

One of the most distinguished living economists - Treasury secretary Yellen, 2014 -2018  Fed Chairman  - is rejecting what’s been one of the most fundamental principles of economics for more than 200 years:

Comparative advantage.

While she did not expect the financial collapse — few did — she understood it better than many as it was under way,

to the point of giving a lecture on “A Minsky Meltdown: Lessons for Central Bankers” in April 2009.

Martin Sandbu FT 27 November 2017

Finanskrisen och därmed eurokrisen tog sin början i Frankrike, när tre hedgefonder tillhöriga Frankrikes största bank, BNP Paribas, inställde betalningarna i augusti 2007.

Det var en händelse som jag tyckte förtjänade en ny egen sida på min website.

Time for a Minsky Moment? april 20, 2024

President Joe Biden a strong dollar complicates his manufacturing agenda.

Robert Lighthizer, the architect of tariffs against China during Mr Trump’s time in the White House, wants to weaken the dollar

The Economist: world is on the verge of a difficult new period of strong-dollar geopolitics (


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