The specter of World War II is haunting Western attempts to seize Russian assets

 Berlin has emerged as an opponent of plans to seize frozen Kremlin funds for reconstruction and military support of Ukraine

U.S.-led push to commandeer some of the nearly $300 billion of Russian central-bank assets that were frozen at the start of Russia’s war on Ukraine. 

Germany fears that seizing, rather than freezing, the funds could create a precedent and inspire new claims against them for WWII-era crimes.

After WWII, Berlin paid the Allied powers and the then Soviet Union compensation for Germany’s war of aggression. Since 1952, Germany has also given more than $90 billion to Holocaust survivors and their families, according to Jewish organizations. 

Recently, calls for further reparations have re-emerged.

Poland, which Nazi Germany invaded and occupied throughout the war, has sought $1.3 trillion in compensation from Berlin since 2022, 

while Greece since 2019 has asked for more than $300 billion.

Wall Street Journal 28 April 2024

EU:s utrikeschef Josep Borrell lade fram förslaget om att använda frysta ryska tillgångar

Josep Borrell Fontelles, Commission Vice-President in charge of coordinating the external action of the European Union.

Helping the EU to take decisions in a faster and more efficient way.

Progressing towards a European Defence Union, ensuring coherence and consistency in the Commission’s work linked to defence.

Ensuring external financial instruments are used strategically, contribute to the EU’s wider political aims and enhance Europe’s leadership and influence in the world.

External Action


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