Germany’s Scholz Sees Need for EU Reform Before More Enlargement

“A EU with 32 or 35 members cannot work with the rules crafted for a smaller union,” Scholz said. 

“We agreed on the need for such reforms and that we aim to adopt a roadmap for this important process by the summer.”

Bloomberg 6 april 2024

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What Ukraine’s EU Candidacy Means

Who else is trying to join the EU?

Moldova, another former Soviet republic partially occupied by Russian troops, was also approved for accession talks in the December vote, and Georgia gained candidate status. 

Bosnia-Herzegovina, a former Yugoslav republic racked by war in the 1990s, could also open negotiations if it makes significant progress on reforms. 

Kosovo, a former Serbian province not recognized by a handful of EU members, has sought EU accession since 2016 but has yet to receive an invitation. 

Other nations have made it in the door but have been waiting for years for talks to begin; they include Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia. 

Prime Minister Edi Rama of Albania has excoriated the lack of progress, particularly a blockade by Bulgaria on North Macedonia’s advancement, saying at a summit in Brussels that the deadlock was in effect offering “unsolicited help” to Putin by hindering a NATO member. 

Their frustrations with the application could foreshadow what Ukraine will contend with.


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