Börserna från dur till moll 12 april 2024


Fredagen började uppåt

Men det slutade så här

Stockholmsbörsen inledde fredagen med inflationsjubel
och avslutade strax under nollan i takt med ökad Mellanösternoro.

Israel Bracing for Unprecedented Direct Iran Attack  
Missile barrage from Iranian soil to Israel would be a first


Risk-Addicted Wall Street Funds Are Shaken 

Geopolitical tensions push S&P 500 to worst week since October

Brent crude and the dollar soar as traders flock to safety

Even stock bull Ed Yardeni is issuing words of caution 

Just weeks ago, it all felt so easy. Jerome Powell was poised to kick off the great monetary pivot in earnest thanks to the steady demise of inflation, while Corporate America’s famous profit machine vindicated the euphoria on Wall Street and beyond.

Now after a week of geopolitical tensions and bond volatility, life is getting harder for money managers who are sitting on some of their highest exposures to stocks and credit combined in a decade.

Bloomberg 12 april 2024 


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