Akvedukten vid Zaghouan, Sven Otto Littorin och Niall Ferguson

Denna vackra betraktelse från 1994 har sedan dess legat i mitt bakhuvud.

Sven Otto Littorin; Akvedukten vid Zaghouan – Svensk Tidskrift

Den artikeln satte mig på spåren till Akvedukten vid Zaghouan : en essä om stat, moral och liberalismens framtid, av Per Molander 


Och vidare till min Guru Niall Fergusons

CIVILIZATION The West and the Rest  

The financial disasters of 2008 and its continuing fallout; political partisanship and gridlock in the face of daunting problems; divisions within the United States and within the European Union; the overextension of American military forces in the wake of costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; and the rise of China: Is the West headed toward a fall like ancient Rome’s?

Even more alarmingly, he suggests that the collapses of great civilizations tend to come quickly. Rome, he writes, imploded “within the span of a single generation”


Doom is the lesson of history that this  country–indeed the West as a whole–urgently needs to learn, if we want  to handle the next crisis better, and to avoid the ultimate doom of  irreversible decline.

The Square and the Tower


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