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BIS warns: Short positions in 2-year Treasury futures reached record highs in August

A build-up of leveraged bets has the potential to “dislocate” trading in the $25tn US Treasuries market

“The current build-up of leveraged short positions in US Treasury futures is a financial vulnerability worth monitoring because of the margin spirals it could potentially trigger,” the BIS said in the report, which focuses in particular on leverage used in the futures market to post margin.

“Margin deleveraging, if disorderly, has the potential to dislocate core fixed-income markets,” it said.

The BIS values short positions in Treasury futures at about $600bn.

FT 18 September 2023


Some people say that Wall Street is like a casino,

where investors gamble with their money and hope to win big. 

They compare the stock market to a game of chance, where the outcome is unpredictable and influenced by luck. They argue that Wall Street is rigged in favor of the insiders, who have access to more information and can manipulate the prices. 

They claim that Wall Street is not a place for rational investing, but for speculation and greed.

ChatGPT 18 September 2023

“There doesn’t seem to be anything useful or beneficial that hundreds of speculative cryptocurrencies can be used for”

Markets for everything from home-building materials to bitcoin to stocks are soaring, stirring up fresh fears that global markets are in a bubble.

Wall Street has seen this movie before.

WSJ 25 April 2021

Polestar, som har Volvo Cars som största ägare med 49,5 procent av aktierna

Kursen har sedan börsintroduktionen vid midsommartid 2022 gått ner med över 80 procent. 
De stora förlorarna är Volvo Cars som äger 49,5 procent och Geely med 45 procent. 
Men även skådespelaren Leonardo DiCaprio äger en aktiepost.

DN 18 September 2023

Den 21 augusti fick Nasdaq ett nytt elbilsbolag när vietnamesiska Vinfast Auto tog plats – och det med besked. 

Aktien rusade med 300 procent den första veckan, vilket gjorde att börsvärdet som mest var motsvarande 2.300 miljarder kronor.

Lilla Vinfast blev därmed världens tredje högst värderade bilbolag efter Tesla och Toyota. 

Magnus Dagel DI 5 september 2023

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