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“There doesn’t seem to be anything useful or beneficial that hundreds of speculative cryptocurrencies can be used for”

 “Private cryptocurrencies are not backed or protected by the government, and they shouldn’t be.”

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, said it was appropriate for regulators to treat crypto skeptically because such currencies have been used for speculation, fraud, sanctions evasion and theft.

WSJ 15 November 2022


Pyramidspelet Bitcoin faller vidare och ligger nu på sin lägsta nivå sedan 2020. 

Fortsatt ointressant, men det kan ju vara kul att titta på utvecklingen ibland, om inte annat för att se hur bitcoiners reagerar när man skriver detta.

Lars Wilderäng Cornucopia 14 november 2022


A year ago, cryptocurrencies were roaring and Coinbase Global Inc., considered the Charles Schwab of crypto exchanges,

was fresh off an IPO that valued the firm at $85 billion. 

Today, one market-based measure suggests that investors have doubts about whether the company can survive.

Sam Goldfarb WSJ 17 november 2022


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