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Börsen 9 november 2022



Binance Walks Away From Deal to Buy FTX

WSJ 9 November 2022

Crypto Has Reinvented Bank Runs

FTX’s crisis is a reminder of what is right about traditional finance

WSJ 9 November 2022

JPMorgan Strategist Says It’s Time to Jump Back Into Stocks, Bonds

The strategist forecasts that inflation has already peaked

Bloomberg 9 november 2022 15:33 CET

“Shadow banking”
It's larger than the world economy. It poses risks to financial stability.

The most devastating runs of the 2008 financial crisis were not on bank deposits — as happened during the Great Depression — but on shadow banks such as Lehman Brothers (a broker-dealer) and money-market funds.

Bloomberg, 20 November 2017

Liquidity is an elusive quality at the best of times. In a bear market it can disappear in a moment.

Rest assured that not all of today’s trading strategies are predicated on that reality.

John Plender FT 13 November 2018

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