Truss differs from other politicians only in the degree of her shamelessness.

 Boris Johnson was forced to resign because his fellow politicians were no longer willing to lie on his behalf and his government collapsed in a shambles. 

Now he writes a highly paid column for the Daily Mail in which he pronounces on misgovernment and calls on erring colleagues to resign.

The root cause of this epidemic of shamelessness is the end of “politics as a vocation.” 

When Max Weber wrote his great essay of that title in 1919, politics was dominated by two sorts of people: members of the traditional ruling class (whether liberal or Tory), who went into politics out of a sense of public duty, and socialists who wanted to change the world.

Politicians retire much earlier than they used to: David Cameron (now 56) and George Osborne (now 52) were barely in middle age when they left 

Adrian Wooldridge Bloomberg 15 september 2023

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