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‘Prepare for an epic finale’: Jeremy Grantham warns ‘tragedy’ looms as ‘superbubble’ may burst

 MarketWatch 31 August  2022 


Jeremy Grantham Warns ‘Super Bubble’ in Stocks Has Yet to Burst

GMO's co-founder says overvalued equities, bonds and housing will collide with high rates and inflation to cause more pain.

The co-founder of Boston asset manager GMO, known for calling market bubbles, said in a note Wednesday that the surge in US equities from mid-June to mid-August fits the pattern of bear market rallies common after an initial sharp decline — and before the economy truly begins to deteriorate. 

Bloomberg 31 augusti 2022 


U.S. market approaches end of ‘superbubble,’ says Jeremy Grantham

Blooomberg 20 January 2022


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