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Not Good. Not Good at All

It’s a while since a macroeconomic release has come as such a nasty surprise, but on balance the extremely negative market reaction to the numbers was justified

A range of underlying inflation measures actually increased to fresh multi-decade highs. 

Core inflation having dipped to 0.31% in July, it returned to 0.57% in August, a level that hadn’t been seen for three decades until this latest inflation scare took hold. 

John Authers 14 September 2022


Inflationstakten i Sverige, mätt som KPIF, steg till 9,0 procent i augusti. 

Inflationstakten exklusive energi, KPIFXE, steg till 6,8 procent

Riksbankens räknade i sin senaste prognos med en KPIF-inflation på 7,5 procent i augusti och ett KPIFXE på 5,7 procent. 

DI 14 september 2022


Prisökningstakten på 9,0 procent var den högsta sedan juli 1991.

Viktor Munkhammar DI 14 september 2022


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