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The Fed’s inflation fight will push the 10-year Treasury yield to 5%

 Either the consensus of forecasters believes the Fed’s target of 2% inflation is easily within reach, or the U.S. central bank will abandon that goal in favor of something higher—perhaps 3%.

Peter Morici MarketWatch 9 September 2023


– Räntorna har stigit snabbare i andra länder jämfört med Sverige. Räntan på tioåriga statsobligationer är 4,2 procent i USA men bara 2,7 procent i Sverige.

Carl Johan von Seth  DN 9 September 2023


Falling interest rates a database that goes back to 1311

And it shows a clear declining trend for inflation-adjusted, or real, interest rates

The Black Death of the 1340s and the 1557 financial crisis, when several European nations saw simultaneous defaults on debt, were much more powerful, he notes. But neither broke the long-run trend.

The buzz in the bond market these days is all about “higher for longer,” but an audience of market participants this week heard a lesson about why, in time, borrowing costs are likely to come back down.


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