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Why it is impossible - The Name Is Bond. Eurobond.

German central bank chief Jens Weidmann:
“The pooling of debt is just one side of a coin where federalism is the other.
Governments who are in favour (of eurobonds) fail to point this out,”
Sapa-AFP 26 maj 2012

“In those countries which are calling for eurobonds, France included, there is no public debate or public support for the transfer of sovereignty that that would entail. But it's precisely this debate we should be having,”

Common bonds “can only come at the end of a long process, which, among others, would require several states to change their constitution, modification of treaties and the creation of more of a budgetary union,” German central bank chief Jens Weidmann said.

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The Name Is Bond. Eurobond.
Europe's debt crisis gets a new potential hero, with Germany once again cast in the role of villain.

Foreign Policy 25 May  2012

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