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Europe’s hubristic imperial overstretch

Financial Times May 18, 2012 7:47 pm

Europe’s hubristic imperial overstretch

So when was it that the Brussels empire over-reached, and became more concerned about its own expansion and glory, its own ambitions for hegemony, than about the daily economic wellbeing of its citizens?

Too much was bound up in the project, too many hopes of one day supplanting the US as the top-dog world economic power were invested in it, to allow a small country like Denmark to derail it. Germany and France should, therefore, in as orderly and honourable a way as they can, return to the safety and the rationality of the original Treaty of Rome, reinstitute the “six”, and keep the euro only for those countries that deserve membership on the logical grounds of genuine economic synergy.

These are utterly removed from the commission’s hubristic fetish of global hegemony.
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Rome, Habsburg and the European Union

Helmut Schlesinger, was president of the Bundesbank when sterling was forced out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992.:

- And I would say that either we get the United States of Europe, that is an actual political union, and then that political union gets its own currency.
But then it is no monetary union any longer, but the currency of that new state

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