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I don’t regard anyone who disagrees with me as an idiot, But....

Contrary to what some people may think, I don’t regard anyone who disagrees with me as necessarily a mendacious idiot.

Economics is hard, and people will disagree. Sometimes people will give advice with the best of intentions that turns out, in hindsight, to have been disastrous; that’s a tragedy but not a sin.

But here’s what is indeed a sin: choosing your position based on what is personally convenient.

Paul Krugman, New York Times,  11 May 2012

- Even recently, “leading economists” would look at you askance when you were talking about possible eurozone break-up, insisting your views were “mad”.

- We public non-believers have endured character assassination, whispering campaigns, the whole shebang – I kid you not – as we challenged a system built, not on economic logic, but on political hubris and vanity.

Liam Halligan, Telegraph 19 May 2012

Europe’s hubristic imperial overstretch


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