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Roger Bootle early warning about Greek exit

Those readers who have been berating me for years for even considering the possibility of a country leaving the euro have recently fallen silent.

You may think this is premature.

Personally, I have always thought that if you are going to be a forecaster you should specialise in being early.

Roger Bootle, Telegraph 20 May 2012

What should be the stance of the British government?

Its view has been that a break-up of the euro would be a disaster, even to the extent of supporting moves towards full fiscal and political union to prevent it.

This strikes me as completely wrong. European history has been about various powers trying to dominate the continent and Britain trying to stop this.

First it was Spain, but in the last four hundred years it has been either France or Germany.

Now we have both trying to do it together, with Spain and the others in tow!

There is a tendency for our governing elites to identify the interests of Europe with whatever European institutions currently exist and with whatever euro-twaddle is spouted by the people in power in Europe at the time. This is profoundly misguided.

The most pro-European thing anyone can do now is to reject the euro.

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