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Röd öppning Red Opening 4-5 November 2023

 5th of November Joseph Biden has one year left to convince American voters to grant him a second term.

Within days of Vladimir Putin’s full-scale assault on Ukraine, 

western capitals acted with remarkable determination in blocking Russia’s access to more than $300bn of foreign exchange reserves.

In the 20 months since, however, the western sanctions coalition has got itself into ever more contortions trying to avoid the morally obvious next steps: seizing the reserves and deploying them for Ukraine’s benefit.

The ostensible justification is legal obstacles. But ... The fear that confiscating Russia’s assets will make other non-western countries pull their own reserves out of the west,

Martin Sandbu FT 5 Novenber 2023


Magna Charta


Bond Traders on Collision Course With Higher-for-Longer Mantra

Investors ramp up bets on interest-rate cuts in US, Europe

Skepticism grows over policymakers’ hawkish messaging


Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway sells stocks as cash pile swells to record levels


Lagarde Says ECB Will Get Inflation Down to 2% Target in 2025

“We are determined to bring inflation down to 2%,” Lagarde told the Greek newspaper Kathimerini in remarks posted Saturday on the ECB’s website. “According to our projections we will get there in 2025.”

Bloomberg 4 november 2023 


We are determined to ensure that inflation returns to our two per cent medium-term target in a timely manner. 

Christine Lagarde 27 July 2023

Is 2025 a timely manner?


Von der Leyen vows to keep on funding Ukraine

European commission president backs country’s EU membership ambition during visit to Kyiv

Zelenskyy also denied media reports that US and EU officials were urging his administration to consider peace talks with Russia, stressing that decision lay only with him and the Ukrainian people.

FT 4 Otober 2023


Elon Musk releases new AI chatbot ‘Grok’ in bid to take on ChatGPT

Billionaire’s xAI start up unveils generative AI model in challenge to Microsoft-backed OpenAI and Google


Putin’s Move to Secure Libya Bases Is New Regional Worry for US

Defense deal in works between Russia and eastern Libyan leader


”I april nästa år är svackan för innerstadspriserna över”, tror mäklaren Bahar Nabav

Långsamt fallande bostadspriser i Stockholms innerstad

Hösten 2021 noterade Booli 114 400 kronor per kvadratmeter som genomsnittspris på landets dyraste bostadsmarknad.  Motsvarande genomsnittspris i Stockholms innerstad, sista veckan i oktober, vecka 43, blev i år 103 700 kronor per kvadratmeter.

Vid Booli lägger Josephine Linghammar in en brasklapp om innerstadens aktuella kvadratmeterpris 103 700 kronor. Hon påpekar att det finns ovanligt många osålda objekt, ofta mindre attraktiva objekt som – om de hade sålts – skulle ha dragit ned genomsnittsnivån i innerstaden lite till.

Även Bahar Nabavi konstaterar att det främst är ”objekt i A-lägen” som nu omsätts snabbt.

Johan Hellekant SvD 5 November 2023


Börslistorna har gått från 150 bolag 1970 till nästan 900 i dag


– Just nu är det mycket samtidigt, säger Maria Landeborn, analytiker på Danske Bank.

Dåligt på börsen – det kan ändra | SvD

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