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Den underliggande inflationen, KPIF exklusive energi

 svalnar till 6,1 i oktober, från 6,9 procent i september.

Lägre inflation än väntat i USA – börsen stiger

 mätt som KPI, landade på 3,2 procent i oktober. 

Analytiker hade räknat med en inflationstakt på 3,3 procent

Inflationsutfallet för oktober i USA gav tydliga reaktioner på marknaden. 

Fastighetsrally – tioåringen faller

The more financial markets rally on the hope that the Fed is done

The more markets will be undermining the Fed’s efforts to slow the economy and get inflation down.

The world economy has been kept afloat for a quarter century by serial bubbles. 

Each has masked the weakness of underlying growth.

Today we are in the final phase of the great fiscal boom. Budget deficits ballooned to wartime levels on both sides of the Atlantic during Covid. These have yet to come down to tenable levels.

The consensus view at the US Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England is that the Wicksellian “natural” rate of interest – known as R* – has jumped to a permanently higher level.

Philip Turner warn that central banks are being misled by false assumptions about R* into dangerous overtightening, risking a global credit crunch and an asset crash.

UN predicts 9% rise in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

Climate action falls vastly short of 45% drop in emissions required to curb global warming
While the rise projected is slightly better than the 11 per cent in last year’s assessment, it remains vastly short of the 45 per cent cut needed to limit warming to the 1.5C goal set as part of the Paris Agreement.

Italy Faces Barriers to Obtain About €90 Billion in EU Funds

Artificial intelligence has for the first time convincingly outperformed conventional forecasting methods at predicting weather around the world up to 10 days into the future.

The GraphCast AI model “marks a turning point in weather forecasting”, its developers at Google DeepMind said in a peer-reviewed paper published in the journal Science on Tuesday.


Cameron left back in 2016 — four prime ministers ago. 

Sunak has ensured that the top three jobs in his government are now in the hands of centre-right pragmatists, 

The message many Tories will take is that the prime minister has broken with the hardliners and culture warriors who are alienating moderate Tory voters.

Robert Shrimsley 20231113

Mr Cameron one of the worst.

Mr Cameron had the attributes to be an excellent prime minister: intelligence, diligence, a quick wit and a smooth manner. Instead, he managed to be one of the worst.

A man who bungled British foreign policy will now help shape it once more. A government struggling to figure out how to repair public services has appointed the man who, more than any other, caused their current difficulties. 

A man who deserted his office is now painted as an example of duty. In British politics, the appearance of competence is more important than the evidence of it. 

The Trillion-Dollar Win Hiding in Your Mortgage

Old fixed-rate loans should be viewed as highly valuable assets after the surge in interest rates

James Mackintosh

A 1962 Ferrari for World-Record $51.7 Million

The car sold in less than 20 minutes and started at $34 million.


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