Röd öppning Red Opening 24 November 2023

Tyskland -  Regeringen planerar att lägga fram ett förslag om nationellt nödläge – för att komma runt skuldregler i grundlagen.


“The stupid thing is now in the constitution and you can’t get rid of it.”

When Germany enshrined a “debt brake” in its constitution in 2009, it was celebrated as a victory for fiscal rectitude and a definitive break with the profligacy of the past.


Redefining Success in Ukraine

A New Strategy Must Balance Means and Ends

circumstances necessitate a comprehensive reappraisal of the current strategy that Ukraine and its partners are pursuing.

Such a reassessment reveals an uncomfortable truth: namely, that Ukraine and the West are on an unsustainable trajectory, one characterized by a glaring mismatch between ends and the available means. 

Kyiv’s war aims—the expulsion of Russian forces from Ukrainian land and the full restoration of its territorial integrity, including Crimea—remain legally and politically unassailable. But strategically they are out of reach, certainly for the near future and quite possibly beyond.

Kyiv  would acknowledge that its near-term priorities need to shift from attempting to liberate more territory to defending and repairing the more than 80 percent of the country that is still under its control.

Richard Haass and Charles Kupchan  Foreign Affairs 17 November 2023

RICHARD HAASS is President Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations 

CHARLES KUPCHAN, a Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University, served as Senior Director for European Affairs on the National Security Council during the Obama administration

Charles Kupchan haft mage att säga något som egentligen är tabu: 

Att den ukrainska sidan inte ser ut att klara av att besegra Ryssland och därmed kanske måste avstå delar av sitt territorium.

There are clever, well-meaning liberals who would have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris run for re-election 

To prevent a second term of Donald Trump, Democrats must accept that what is going wrong is their basic proposition — an aged candidate, his unpopular running mate, the inflation he has overseen — not the framing or messaging of it.

Harris is about as good a politician as she will ever be, which mightn’t be quite good enough. That, given the actuarial odds that she will assume the highest office on Earth one day, is a fundamental problem

There is something of the Versailles court about the Democratic elite. 

The Democratic proposition — a man eight years older than US male life expectancy, with an unloved lieutenant — asks voters to accept too much risk.

Janan Ganesh associate editor for the FT.

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Första AP-Fonden ger miljard till fastighetsbolag 

I WIllhems kvartalsrapport, som publicerades på fredagen, framgår att ägaren Första AP-Fonden kommer att göra ett ovillkorat aktieägartillskott på 1 miljard kronor under det fjärde kvartalet som ett led i att behålla kreditbetyget.

”Vårt absoluta fokus nu är att säkerställa att nyckeltalen framåt fortsatt står starka”, skriver Willhems vd Mariette Hilmersson i rapporten.


Lägre miljardförlust än i fjol för Rutger Arnhults ägarbolag M2

Nettoresultat för det tredje kvartalet 2023 på -1,5 miljarder kronor (-4,3).

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