Japanese Magnetic-levitation train 500 kilometers an hour


A $59.3 billion magnetic-levitation train that will run at 500 kilometers an hour and eventually connect Tokyo and Osaka in just over 60 minutes.

Kawakatsu has refused to allow construction in his region

After a gaffe in which he called public servants “highly intelligent, unlike people who sell vegetables, or take care of cows,” Kawakatsu is now set to resign in June amid anger from his constituents.

(Stockholmare är smartare...)

Formally known as the Chuo Shinkansen, it is Japan’s most ambitious construction project, a dream that has captivated tetsu-ota, or train nerds, for decades. 

First envisioned in the 1970s, the maglev — which uses superconducting magnets to levitate the train about four inches (10 centimeters) off the track — hearkens back to the building of the first bullet train, an all-hands project that can demonstrate Japanese ingenuity to the world.

Bloomberg 5 april 2024

The Chuo Shinkansen

Kommentar RE: Där finns det, till skillnad från i Sverige, ett trafikunderlag som gör snabbtågsprojekt möjliga.

Tokyo är den folkrikaste staden i världen, med mer än 37,7 miljoner invånare.

Osaka har över 19 miljoner invånare.


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