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In a country like the United States “one person, one vote” has morphed into “one dollar, one vote.”

From Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and former US President Donald Trump, we have a growing list of authoritarians and would-be autocrats who channel a curious form of right-wing populism. 

Though they promise to protect ordinary citizens and preserve longstanding national values, they pursue policies that protect the powerful and trash longstanding norms – and leave the rest of us trying to explain their appeal.

Deepening polarization, which hampers the functioning of democracy – especially in countries like the US, with its winner-take-all elections.

By the time Trump was elected in 2016 with a minority of the popular vote, American politics, which once favored problem-solving through compromise, had become a bald-faced partisan power struggle, a wrestling match where at least one side seems to believe there should be no rules.

Joseph E. Stiglitz Project Syndicate 31 August


SD ligger nu nära sitt valresultat från förra året, och är det enda partiet som går framåt i månadens mätning. 

Svagast är stödet för L, KD och C som alla hamnar under riksdagsspärren.

SvT 7 September 2023


Martin Wolf “The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism”


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