The private credit market $1.5 trillion

 Howard Marks, the co-founder of $172bn investment group Oaktree Capital Managemen

The private credit market, which includes loans for corporate takeovers, has grown to about $1.5tn from roughly $440bn a decade ago. Fundraising has been brisk, eclipsing $150bn every year since 2019.

Private credit has ballooned since the 2008 financial crisis prompted regulatory reform that pushed banks away from speculative lending and new lenders stepped in to fill the void, including many backed by private equity titans such as Blackstone, Apollo and KKR.

Oaktree has expanded beyond its roots in distressed debt and now invests across credit, private equity, real assets and publicly listed equities. The firm is in the midst of a fundraising push as it looks to raise $10bn to finance large private-equity backed takeovers.

FT 14 May 2023

Tip of Debt Iceberg

Since the start of 2008, private credit has grown almost sixfold, to $1.5 trillion, according to the IMF—bigger than the high-yield bond or leveraged-loan markets. 

Greg Ip WSJ 26 April 2023

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