The southern Pacific Ocean locked in its La Niña phase for three winters

That is unusual, and dangerous

Its long duration is a problem. The large, persistent mass of cold air and high pressure influences wind patterns known as jet streams across the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. 

Where jet streams that blow over land from the ocean are diverted, that land loses moisture and can suffer from drought. The land to which that jet stream is diverted gets more moisture, and can be flooded.

Eventually stronger winds or ocean currents nudge the system out of El Niño and back into the neutral phase. If stronger winds persist they can lock the system into an opposite phase: La Niña. 

This is what enso looked like in 2022.

The Economist 18 November 2022

The climate system could be less stable than forecast: there may be tipping points

Corinne Le Quéré, one of the world’s experts on global emissions. ‘Could we just adapt to climate change? The answer is no’

Now is not the time to be fearful, now is the time to be forceful and say: we know what to do. 

FT 18 July 2022

Det nya året börjar med värmerekord runt om i Europa. På en del platser är det över 15 grader varmare än normalt. I Tjeckien och Polen rapporteras temperaturen på över 19 grader i januari. 

De extrema temperaturerna beror på att varma vindar från Västafrika sveper upp över Europa.

SvT 4 januari 2023

Temperatures for January have reached an all-time high in a number of nations across Europe.

Warsaw, Poland, saw 18.9C on Sunday while Bilbao, Spain, was 25.1C - more than 10C above average.

The mild European weather comes as North America faces more severe storms, days after a deadly winter cold snap left more than 60 dead.

Heavy snow and freezing rain have been forecast for parts of the northern Midwest while severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are expected in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

BBC 3 January 2023


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