Grantham and the Superbubble

This time last year, Grantham made an aggressive call that US stocks were in a true bubble that would soon burst. 

Grantham is more or less sticking to his guns. He thinks the bubble has only started to burst. His forecast is for a drop of between 17% and 20% in this calendar year. But...

What could possibly go wrong with his prediction?

No Recession

The Fed Pivot

John Authers Bloomberg 25 januari 2023

Jeremy Grantham says ‘easiest leg’ of stock-market bubble burst is over.

S&P 500 could drop 17% in 2023 to test 3,200 level

MarketWatch 24 January 2023

U.S. market approaches end of ‘superbubble,’ says Jeremy Grantham

MarketWatch 20  January 2022


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