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Human ingenuity has delivered an integrated global economy, weapons of mass destruction, and threats to the biosphere

Yet human nature remains that of an instinctively tribal primate. 

China is not promoting a global ideology, as the Soviet Union did. Nevertheless, China and the US are very different countries, one a centralised despotism, the other a crumbling democracy.

Martin Wolf FT 2 November 2021


Are we capable of acting upon the implications? 

The answer, I fear, is no.

Martin Wolf FT 13 July 2021


We will eventually get to net-zero emissions. Solar and wind energy, as well as storage batteries, keep getting cheaper. 

We just won’t get there in time to prevent ruinous climate change.

Simon Kuper FT 12 November 2020


Is America in decline? The Economist

Harris’s case is an odd one. Democrats dearly want to believe she is a plausible winner of the White House in 2024, when Joe Biden will turn 82.

A better candidate than Harris or a then octogenarian Biden (Trump, just three years younger, wears his age better) may not even be on hand. 

FT 2 November 2021

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