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Free markets and technology may yet deliver a 1.5C world

The technologists on the front line solving the problem, and the corporations racing ahead with net zero faster than the political class can keep up, or the environmental old guard seems able to believe. It was a festival of optimism.

In one room Rolls-Royce engineers explained how they can already run the world’s existing fleet of passenger jets on 50pc clean fuel, with 100pc clean energy engines being tested successfully, and with the prospect that this fuel will be generated by small modular reactors.

In another room, CWP Global explained how it is developing super-sized renewable hubs in Patagonia, or the Sahara, or the Australian outback, able to produce breathtakingly cheap electricity from wind and solar. 

Few understand how quickly Big Money has gone from being the careless enabler of fossil pollution and land abuse to becoming instead the arch-enforcer of the green order, pulling forward change

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard 16 November 2021


CWP Global 


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