Niall Ferguson, Western Civilisation: Decline – or Fall?

The Roman Empire did not decline and fall over a millennium, as Gibbon's monumental work seemed to suggest.

It collapsed within a few decades in the early fifth century, tipped over the edge of chaos by barbarian invaders and internal divisions.

One minute rulers had legitimacy in the eyes of their people; the next they did not.

Western Civilisation: Decline – or Fall?  Niall Ferguson  via John Mauldin 6 March 2012

Niall Ferguson

Om Akvedukten vid Zaghouan

Sven Otto Littorin, Svensk Tidskrift  31 december 1994

Akvedukten vid Zaghouan : en essä om stat, moral och liberalismens framtid, av Per Molander 

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire


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