What Is ChatGPT? What to Know About the AI Chatbot

Bill Gates: Utvecklingen av AI är lika fundamental som skapandet av mikroprocessorn, persondatorn, internet och mobiltelefonen

DPS  22  March 2023


Bill Gates says AI is only the second revolutionary tech advancement in his lifetime says development of artificial intelligence will be as fundamental as the PC or the internet

MarketWatch 21 March 2023 


What Is ChatGPT? What to Know About the AI Chatbot

OpenAI’s chatbot and Microsoft’s conversational Bing have triggered a new AI race that may reshape the future of work

WSJ 17 March 2023


Every so often a technology captures the world’s imagination. 

The latest example, judging by the chatter in Silicon Valley, on Wall Street, in corner offices, newsrooms and classrooms around the world, is Chatgpt. 

In five days after its unveiling in November the artificially intelligent chatbot, created by a startup called Openai, drew 1m users, making it one of the fastest consumer-product launches in history.

The Economist 30 January 2023


Not since the iPhone has the belief that a new technology could change the industry run so deep.

In one second, the systems impress by fielding a complex request for a five-day itinerary, making Google’s search engine look archaic.

When Microsoft introduced a chatbot-equipped Bing search engine last month, Yusuf Mehdi, the head of Bing, said the company was wrestling with how the new version would make money.

NYT 8 March 2023



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