Euro-Area Inflation Sinks But Record Core Reading

Consumer prices rise 6.9% from year ago in March

Slowdown was driven by a steep retreat in energy costs 

But core inflation, which excludes such volatile items, quickened to 5.7%

Bloomberg 31 March 2023

Inflationsfall i eurozonen: "Bra början"

Lägre energipriser trycker ned inflationen i eurozonen mer än väntat.

– En bra början, säger SEB-ekonomen Olle Holmgren

ECB Determined on Inflation Fight, Bundesbank President Joachim Nagel Says

Banks are resilient with strong capital, liquidity positions

Quantitative tightening can be accelerated from the summer

Bloomberg 27 mars 2023

RE  Vad skall en Bundesbank President annars säga?


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