Such is the Gen Z zeitgeist

 “You’re always hearing the world is filled with opportunity,” one student told me last semester. “And then you turn around and there are layoffs everywhere, and everyone is saying AI is going to make us all obsolete.” 

She confessed there were days she wished she could crawl under her covers to escape the static and ambiguity of it all, not to mention—as she also did—the threats of global warming and nuclear war.

The boomer and Generation X. They have, like me, ridden out a recession or two, lived through 9/11, survived the internet changing everything, seen the other side of the financial meltdown of 2008, and absorbed the personal losses, agonies and crises that punctuate any life. We are the “life goes on, it always does” crew

Even though your parents tried for you, no one gets a perfect life, let alone a normal one. As you get older—and yes, you will all get older—all you can really hope for is good health and a meaningful life.

Suzy Welch WSJ 22 March 2023


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