Hayek. By Bruce Caldwell and Hansjoerg Klausinger

Robert skidelsky’s three-volume biography of John Maynard Keynes achieved something few histories of economic thought can do: it was well written, packed with interesting detail and offered enough—but not too much—theory. 

Now Keynes’s great rival, Friedrich Hayek, is the subject of a biography comparable to Lord Skidelsky’s. It is certainly on a similar scale. The first volume is more than 800 pages, and a second is on the way. Bruce Caldwell’s and Hansjoerg Klausinger’s work also has the makings of something just as good.

Both were born into respectable families. Both were too clever for school and so got bored. Both liked holidaying in Cornwall. Both, in their economic theorising, used little mathematics. And, in their personal interactions, there was tremendous mutual respect, even if not always warmth. Keynes arranged for Hayek to spend time with him at King’s College, Cambridge, during the second world war.

The Economist 17 November 2022



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