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Varför Teaparty-rörelsen och Svenska Dagbladet gör som de gör

Three out of four Americans favor a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget

The question is whether an amendment would create more problems than it fixes.

Bloomberg 30 July 2011

Oansvariga opportunister och populister som inte drar sig för att spela på folkets okunnighet.

Until recently, many Washington observers have seen this fight as mere pantomime: pay no attention, the debt ceiling will be raised in the end. That might still be right – but when even cynics turn pale, one starts to worry. This thing, they are beginning to think, could actually happen.

The sticking point, now as throughout, has been the intransigence of Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives. This energised, populist-conservative faction combines a zealous, uncompromising desire to roll back government with a blithe disregard for the consequences of default. 

The desire is legitimate, the recklessness unforgivable.

Financial Times, editorial 29 July 2011

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