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Der Spiegel har blivit Europas ledande EMU-kritiker

Det är ingen liten händelse.

Tyskarna har ju av uppenbara skäl varit EU:s mest lojala Ja-sägare.

Nu är det andra tider.

Within just five years, the Greeks want to cut spending by the equivalent of 17 percent of their total GDP in 2010.
Similar Measures Would Crush German Economy
Applying this to Germany would amount to a savings goal of €425 billion -
a gigantic sum that would mean the complete collapse of the German economy
Der Spiegel, 1 July 2011

Time for Plan B
How the Euro Became Europe's Greatest Threat
The currency union chains together economies that are simply incompatible.
SPIEGEL Staff 20 June 2011

While Europe is preoccupied with a possible restructuring of Greece's debt, huge risks lurk elsewhere
-- in the balance sheet of the European Central Bank.
The guardian of the single currency has taken on billions of euros worth of risky securities as collateral for loans to shore up the banks of struggling nations.
Der Spiegel 24/5 2011 with good links

Snart är det väl bara Gunnar Hökmark, Carl B Hamilton och Carl Bildt som riktigt tror på EMU?

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ProfessorPelotard sa...

Gunnar Hökmark, Carl B Hamiltopn och Carl Bildt: trillingarna Dupond, Dupont och Dupons (med ursäkt till Hergé).


Rolf Englund sa...