Disconnect between pessimism among Americans and measures that show the economy is actually robust

 ... fears of an unpredictable world in which no one in government or business is competent to steer the nation through precarious times.

“You could argue unemployment is 3.7%, but who cares with this level of uncertainty?” said Arguello. “Because that’s what people are feeling. They’re not feeling hope. They’re not feeling one country. They’re feeling a divisive, divided United States of America.”

“I feel like no matter what they tell me about the economy, they don’t really know

Wall Street Journal 7 February 2024


Inflationen i USA sjunker, vilket gläder ekonomer.
Inflation in the US is falling, which pleases economists.

The price level rises, which worries everyone else.
Prisnivån stiger, vilket bekymrar alla andra.


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