Sockerbagare skriver Wall Street Journals utrikeskolum

Rolf Gustavsson betecknade nyligen dem som motsatte sig ett Europas Förenta Stater, nu, som sockerbagare, vilket jag kommenterade på denna blog

Men kan man tänka sig Bret Stephens, utrikeskolumnist på Wall Street Journal, som en sådan sockerbagare?

Han skrev häromdagen:What comes next is the explosion of the European project.

America will survive this because America is a state.
But as Bismarck once remarked, "Whoever speaks of Europe is wrong. Europe is a geographical expression."

The "fiscal union" that's being mooted will never come to pass:

German voters won't stand for it, and neither will any other country that wants to retain fiscal independence

— which is to say, the core attribute of democratic sovereignty.

The riots of Athens will become those of Milan, Madrid and Marseilles. Parties of the fringe will gain greater sway. Border checkpoints will return. Currencies will be resurrected, then devalued.

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