Greklands PM håller tal och Tyskland förbered räddning av sina banker

Germany Is Said to Prepare Plan to Assist Banks If Greece Defaults on Debt

Bloomberg 9 september 2011

The Greek prime minister Saturday makes a key economic policy speech
 His finance minister was on Friday forced to dismiss market speculation that the country might default over the weekend

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More than 5,000 police have been mobilized to barricade the city center ahead of Mr. Papandreou's speech, during which he's expected to talk about the urgency of the planned measures and stand firmly by government policy despite rising popular opposition, and even resistance within his ruling Socialist, or Pasok, party.

WSJ 9 September 2011

Men euroanhängarna har i alla fall något att glädjas över - Bulgarien vill gärna gå med i EMU.

Bulgaria remains committed to adopting the euro as quickly as possible despite the crisis engulfing the bloc, Bulgarian Finance Minister Simeon Djankov said in an interview Friday, offering a rare vote of confidence in the single currency's long-term future.

WSJ 9 September 2011


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