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What happens when L’Empereur has no clothes?

Quelle Horreur! Could France Crash the Euro?

Lagarde: Monetary policy in an unusual cycle: the risks, the path and the costs


The predominant view that supply-chain disruptions were mostly to blame was not accurate. 

Demand or Supply? (englundmacro.blogspot.com)

BIS: “We know from experience that things look sustainable until, suddenly, they no longer do.”


10-year yields have ‘little to no’ downside

Ronald Temple, chief market strategist at Lazard, says in the firm’s mid-year outlook that even though expectations for central bank interest rate cuts are likely to increase, that won’t lead to much movement in 10-year Treasurys.

He says non-U.S. markets are trading on much less demanding multiples, and also are more exposed to floating rate debt that should boost earnings when rate cuts are delivered.

MarketWatch 2 July 2024


 Tesla shares climbed inearly 9% in early trading after the electric-vehicle maker said quarterly deliveries fell less than expected.

Techjättarna agerade draglok på Nasdaq – Tesla rusade 10 procent. 

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CNN Fear & Greed Index


US Bond Yields


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