The Almighty Calls for Biden


We mean the closest thing to the Almighty in American politics: the Democratic-media establishment. 

They want you gone, sir, and the question is when you admit it and oblige.

New York Times and Washington Post have suddenly discovered that the debate wasn’t merely a “bad night.” This week they tell us that there have been many such episodes of demonstrable cognitive decline. Who knew?

Well, the American people knew, since they are not oblivious to evidence they can see. They have said so in every poll for a year. 

Special counsel Robert Hur knew. (See our editorial, “A Tipping Point on Biden’s Decline,” Feb. 10, 2024.)

But the debate has forced the establishment to admit the truth they could no longer deny. 

The Times, the Atlantic, the New Yorker, CNN, Morning Joe, Politico, Axios, the Hollywood and Wall Street donors—the gang’s all here, moving in sync to cover their coverup tracks.

The decisive moment will come when the Obama wing of the establishment turns. Barack Obama’s early post-debate backing—“Bad debate nights happen. Trust me, I know”—has become studied silence. 

His former adviser, David Axelrod, all but said on CNN Friday night, more in sorrow than anger, that the end is nigh for the President.

Wall Street Journal editorial 6 July 2024


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