How the Tories Lost Britain

Frankrike har enmansvalkretsar, och i sådana system brukar det ledande partiet få en turboeffekt när det gäller mandaten i parlamentet. 

I det brittiska valet förra veckan fick följaktligen Labour 63 procent av platserna i parlamentet fast partiet endast fick 34 procent av rösterna.

I Frankrike blev det tvärtom. Nationell samling fick flest röster av alla partier, 37 procent i andra omgången, men endast 25 procent av platserna i parlamentet. 

Fransk ekonomi är illa ute. EU-kommissionen beräknade för några veckor sedan att landets budgetunderskott kommer att minska alltför långsamt och nästa år ligga på 5 procent av BNP.

Statsskulden väntas öka till 113,8 procent av BNP.

DI ledare signerad Tobias Wikström 8 juli 2024


 Britain heads to the polls Thursday, and talk about another election gamble that hasn’t paid off. 

In the same way President Biden hoped Americans wouldn’t notice his age and Emmanuel Macron assumed the French would rebuff the insurgent right, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak thought—wrongly—that a summer election would focus voters on his virtues.

In the event, voters still are trying to figure out what those virtues are supposed to be. 

Winning would have been a tall order for the Tories since they’ve been in power for 14 years. But the likely scale of their defeat wasn’t inevitable.

The Tories have spent their years in power oscillating wildly between free-market instincts and big-state conservatism. 

Struggling to explain to the electorate what the party stands for, the Conservatives risk what’s being described as an extinction-level event.

If a party of the political right can’t make a convincing case that it will deliver prosperity, voters start wondering what the party is good for.

Wall Street Journal Editorial 2 July 2024

Nigel Farage, a leading figure behind Brexit and a longtime supporter of Donald Trump, set out last month with what many political analysts thought was a long-shot aim: Win millions of votes, get a seat in Parliament and destroy the ruling Conservative Party. 

On Friday, Farage was in London celebrating. His upstart party Reform UK had won more than 14% of the total vote in Britain’s election last Thursday on an anti-immigration platform. 

The 60-year-old, who built a career protesting against the establishment, will now sit in Parliament alongside four other Reform UK lawmakers—his first victory for Parliament in eight attempts. 

Wall Street Journal 7 July 2024


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