Will EU eventually be brought down by anti-German feeling in Europe or by anti-European feeling in Germany; Daniel Hannan

An Oxford contemporary reminded me, at our White Wednesday reunion, of a conversation we had had in 1991.

The EU would eventually be brought down, he had argued, by anti-German feeling in Europe.

No, I replied, it would eventually be brought down by anti-European feeling in Germany.

Daniel Hannan,  September 18th, 2012

We're not quite there yet. For a generation of German politicians, the EU is an absolute good, beyond political debate. And, to be fair, you can understand why. Europe, as they see it, was the magic formula that took a broken, occupied, partitioned, dishonoured country and made it trusted and prosperous and free – and, eventually, whole.

Germans no longer fall for the idea that... They know that they are being told to suffer tax rises and inflation, not to help the wretched populations of the Mediterranean, but to advance the ambition of the Brussels elites.

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In Strasbourg on Dec. 9, 1989, after the Berlin Wall fell, Germany agreed to monetary union in order to get President Mitterand to agree to German reunification 

Wall Street Journal 23 Sept 2011

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