Med Barroso från EEC till en federation of nation states, vad det nu är


 “I call for ... a democratic federation of nation states that can tackle our common problems, through the sharing of sovereignty in a way that each country and each citizen are better equipped to control their own destiny,” the European Commission president said. 

Financial Times 12 september 2012

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The Commonwealth of Independent States is a regional organization whose participating countries are former Soviet Republics, formed during the breakup of the Soviet Union, enligt Wikipedia

“There is no crisis of the euro,” Mr Trichet declared speaking in Aachen, Germany, Mr Trichet called for a European Union that would be  “a confederation of sovereign states of an entirely new type”. (RE: This time is different)

Financial Times, 2 June 2011

"A big leap forward is now needed"
Jose Manuel Barroso, 26th June 2012

Barroso och Det Stora Språnget
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