Kan en riktig karl se filmen med Meryl Streep som Lady Thatcher?

Friends of Lady Thatcher tend to deplore The Iron Lady, the new film about her starring Meryl Streep.

But friends are often the last people to understand how things look in a wider setting. I am convinced that they will be moved by the human story. 

They will also absorb a most powerful piece of propaganda for conservatism 

In 1987, Mrs Thatcher flew to Moscow to meet the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

The credit crunch has made many feel that bourgeois democracy is indeed “designed to fool people about who really controlled the levers of power”. 

The long boom created an apparently virtuous circle. You borrowed all the money needed for the price of a house.

In the case of the eurozone, something even more painful has happened. 

The zone’s general population, impoverished by the errors of their policymakers, are then told, by those policymakers, that they must pay to keep entire countries afloat. 

If they protest, as they did in Greece and Italy, they find new governments imposed upon them, run by people whom they have not elected. And who are those people? The same policymakers! 

As I argued in a couple of columns three months ago, it is not surprising if, when people now hear words like globalisation or capitalism or technocrat or “ever-closer union”, they feel slightly sick

The one thing all the Sarkozys and Merkels and Draghis and Barrosos cannot contemplate is the one thing most conspicuously bleeding obvious to those outside the euro. It does not work, and the more you try to make it work the worse it gets. 

Even David Cameron, though suffering no illusions about the basic construction flaw, seems mesmerised by fear of collapse.

By Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph,  25 Nov 2011

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