Horst Reichenbach

We’re not occupiers, says Greek task force
Horst Reichenbach, who was appointed leader of the task force in September, acknowledged in an interview he had underestimated how much his German nationality would inflame local sensitivities and complicate his mission, skriver Financial Times November 25, 2011

“When I said yes to the offer, I was very much aware that the situation of German popularity was already very difficult,” said Mr Reichenbach, alluding to the mutual resentment that has developed between many Greeks and the country that has provided the biggest share of its bail-out.

“But nevertheless, I was surprised at the degree to which being German was a factor.”

 “Fiscal union” advocates will also need, when the time comes, to send out the eurozone riot-police.
Voters get angry, and sometimes violent, when their own politicians let them down.
But when they feel controlled and humiliated by foreigners, they become totally enraged.
That, I’m afraid, is the undeniable lesson of history.
Liam Halligan, DT, 19 Nov 2011

Ni minns väl pratet om att "Men en gemensam valuta är i alla fall bra för freden"

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