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Parkinsons lag och ECBs nya skyskrapa

Alla minns vi väl Parkinsons lag om byggnader.

James Mackintosh har i Financial Times February 8, 2010 fört denna viktiga fråga framåt, denna gång med den Europeiska Centralbanken nya högkvarter som slående exempel.

- The start of work on an expensive new headquarters often marks the high tide for a company, from Time Warner and the New York Times through Volkswagen (with its VW Autostadt) and others.

So it is appropriate that it was only in December that the European Central Bank announced plans to press ahead with a new €500m HQ. /Det är omkring fem miljarder kronor./

The headquarters curse has already hit: the break-up of the eurozone headed by the ECB has become the subject of frenetic discussions following the financial crisis in Greece and the spread of worries to Spain and Portugal.

The value of the single currency has plunged from an 18-month peak of $1.50, almost exactly on the day of the HQ announcement, to $1.37.

Hedge funds have record levels of short positions betting on further declines, as the Greek financial crisis infects Spain and Portugal.

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