US Stock Market Doesn’t Care About Rate Cuts

That’s because of a startling inflection in US profits, and amazing market momentum

CPI print for February came in hotter than expected, yet the stock market wasn’t bothered.

The US stock market has quite a head of steam, and once it has momentum is hard to stop. When the herd is running like this, nobody wants to get in the way

Remember that when momentum finally reverses, it does so in a big way.

John Authers 14 March 2024

America’s economy has escaped a hard landing  

Calling it a soft landing may in fact be an understatement, for what is most striking about the American economy at present is not its deceleration but its continued momentum. 

It is not just economists who are upbeat. America’s stockmarkets keep hitting new records. Corporate earnings are set to rise strongly this year. Ordinary folk, too, are growing more optimistic.

The Economist 14 March 2024 

From goldilocks to stagflation

U.S. economy faces 1970s-style stagflation as inflation sticks around

Another Wall Street strategist warns the economy has gone from ‘goldilocks to stagflation,’ and investors are ignoring it at their own peril

MarketWatch 16 March 2024


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