31 March 2024 - In another world, Ukraine would be voting today

In a year where billions get the chance to cast a ballot, people here would be giving their verdict on the presidency of Volodymyr Zelensky.

Five years ago, the man whose talents as an actor, comedian and producer had made him a household name in Ukraine was propelled into office.

 But with Russian forces still inside the country and millions of Ukrainians displaced from their homes, fighting on the frontlines, or living overseas, there is no election in sight.

Opinion polls suggest there is little appetite among Ukrainians for a vote - just 15% of respondents told the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology last month the country should hold an election.

Oleksiy Koshel, of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, a pressure group which seeks to uphold democratic rights, sees clear-eyed political calculation at work. 

He believes Zelensky’s team initially wanted to hold elections because the president’s support was so high. But as his ratings started to slip towards the end of the year so  the leadership went cold on the idea.

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